Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Why work with us?

"Mark Montross came highly recommended by a co-worker. We can happily confirm that he is both an expert with VT real estate, and that he was highly responsive in helping us to find and quickly negotiate the purchase of our new home. His recommendations of other local professionals (for mortgage, inspection, attorney) were top notch. We've worked with several other agencies over the years, and our experience with Mark was in a different class than the rest."

- Marija Claussen

"On November 5, 2009 I received a letter from Mark who said that they were opening a new real estate office. They asked if they could list our home and represent us as we tried to sell our home of nearly 30 years in some very difficult times. The real estate market was simply awful. We tried to sell on our own for over a year through various sources and through another Realtor who only produced one showing in six months. I liked Mark direct and personable approach plus the fact that they had lots of experience, so we said "Why not?". Mark was all over the effort to market our home. They were in constant contact with us via e-mail and telephone. The market continued its dismal state through the winter, but our hopes were high for the spring. Sure enough, Mark and Lisa put together a program for us and our home and soon we started to get some visitors. After many looker but no buyers, Mark suggested we lower the price, and we did. As much as any seller dislikes such suggestions, it became clear to us that we were too high priced for the market. More people came to look and one young couple with four young children came back a second time. We were thrilled, because what we really wanted was for our large home to be bought and enjoyed by a young family with children. Our home was just perfect for us then and for them now. Mark  handled the negotiations with the buyer's agent, and soon we had a deal. We moved out of our home of 30 years in only about 7 months after first meeting Mark and Lisa."

- Tom

"My experience with Mark has been exceptional. They are friendly, courteous and very easy to deal with. I had my house listed with another agency and never got a showing and was also for sale by owner for a year and a half. Finally, I listed with Mark because of their extensive advertising received plenty of showings resulting in my house selling in just 63 days. There were no problems and we had a very good relationship. I am very impressed."

- Tammy Chenney

"I have been a real estate broker in southern Vermont for many years and I had Mark sell my home up in Burlington. We listed and sold within a two month period. They are ethical and reliable. I couldn't recommend them more highly because they did a fantastic job."

- John Bove

"It was a pleasure to work with Mark at Catamount Realty. When we were selecting agents, Mark and his partner, Lisa, stood out as the perfect combination of experienced and dedicated. They were reliable, prompt, knowledgeable, and patient with us as first-time home buyers. Mark continues to offer advice and support even after the closing. He is very friendly, easy to work with, passionate about his job, and devoted to his clients. We highly recommend him."

- Artur Adib

"Mark is my agent for the new house I am having built! Very professional and his partner Samira is so helpful also. Samira has helped me and my daughter find finishings for my new house. They are a very good team."

- Karen Korns

"Thanks to Mark and Samira, I now own the property of my dreams! Without their persistence and hard work, this would not have happened. When I first met them, it was while showing me a house that I had found on the internet. I clicked on Mark's link, and that was my first introduction. After dealing with another local realtor, who left me feeling VERY sour about realtors in general, I was hesitant to sign with a broker. However, neither Mark now Samira were pushy at all about signing on with them. They simply provided me with the facts and offered their services. And then the fun began... I only had a small window to search for a property and they ended up putting in offer after offer, only to be shot down again and again. Well, now I know why - they weren't right for me! Samira actually found my dream property (in my eyes, anyway) and then both of them dug in for the long haul. It was NOT an easy closing, and they were there for me every step of the way! Mark even hung drywall for me - with my help, of course - in order to appease the lender. Now, THAT'S up and above! I am glad to say, I can now call them both friends. Dealing with Catamount Realty Group is a smart choice. Both Mark and Samira are professional, prompt, practical, and a joy to deal with. Thanks to their hard work, I now own a piece of heaven. I will grow old and die on that front porch, with a smile on my face! In general, they ROCK! And work for every cent they make. Thanks, Mark and Samira, for having pride and integrity for what you do. You do it VERY well!"

- Lisa Ruoff


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