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What happens when there is a showing?

There are several things that take place when there’s a showing. Typically, the listing agent or showing service will reach out to schedule a showing. We make sure the potential buyers have been pre-approved for a mortgage or can provide a proof of funds if it’s a cash sale.

Most showings usually last between 30 minutes to an hour. You should leave the house 15 minutes prior to the showing and arrive back 15 minutes after the scheduled showing is to be completed. Sometimes the agent may be early or running behind schedule.

Leaving the lights on for the showing provides a better atmosphere for the buyers. Light, bright, and cheerful shows the house better than a dark space. We have the agent leave the lights on when leaving the home just in case there are other showings.

Soft music in the background has a calming effect and promotes the buyer to walk around the house longer. You may consider baking cookies or other treats for the buyers. It provides a familiar sent that promotes the sense of home.

We typically leave a sign on the front door for the buyers and agent to remove their shows when entering the home and leave a business card when exiting the property.

There is a lockbox on the front door that allows the agent to access the property. They agent must enter their personal code to access the lockbox. The box sends an email to us stating when they arrived and left the property.

It is best to keep the home clean clutter free when the property is shown. Presentation is a key factor when selling your home.

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