Why List With Catamount?

Why List With Catamount?

We do the hard work so you can focus on what's important to you.

Our clients are our family, we are here to get you the best results.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Host a virtual tour.

Hassle free showings, anytime anyplace.


To navigate the virtual tours, click the play button and use your arrow keys.

When buyers see it for real, you know they already love it.


We Go Above and Beyond

Capturing the beauty of your property and all its uniqueness.

We use drones to capture stunning arial shots for your listing.

Professional Style Photography

Skillfully capturing the elegance and beauty of your home.

Ultra wide angle shots to capture every stunning detail.

High resolution imagery pulled from our virtual tour.

You Get The Personal Tour

 Revealing the character and warmth of your home for its next owner.

We do personalized property walkthrough videos to showcase your listing.

Proactive Approach to Getting Your House sold

We have worked with many buyers over the years and seen what happens after the building inspections are completed. Often times the buyers have a list of unexpected repair requests that can cost the sellers thousands of dollars. Worse case scenario, the buyers walk away because of the repairs forcing the house to go back on the market for sale. This often causes future buyers asking questions wondering what is wrong with the property and/or placing lower offers looking for a deal.

We have developed a system that takes a proactive approach rather than being reactive that can save you money and keep the buyers from walking away. We have been using this system for 5 years now and it has been proven to work. This saves money and stress after the property has gone under contact which leads to easier closings. We are happy to explain more in detail when meeting to sell your house.

Staging The House For Sale

It is very important for your property to look its best to get the best possible price. Staging the home can make all the difference. We have furniture and décor to add to the home to help increase marketability. Simple steps can be taken to help curb appeal of the exterior as well.

It is very important for your property to look its best to get the best possible price. Staging the home can make all the difference. A vacant home does not present a sense of home or gives depth perception on what type of furnishings will fit.  We can take care of that by adding our own to the house.

Before and after pictures for staging

Staging houses that are vacant

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