Buying a Home with Catamount Realty Group

Buying a Home with Catamount Realty Group

Catamount Realty Group has over 10 years of experience working with home buyers. During your home buying journey, we believe in helping you from Day 1 to Closing Day – and beyond that! Our goal is to get to know you and work with you every step of the way. We aren’t just selling you a house – we are showing you the way home.

Whether this is your first home purchase or you're an experienced buyer - we have the resources you need to help you in the process and make an informed decision. Search our website for homes that match your criteria or contact one of our agents with any questions. We're here to help you make the right move!



Step #1 : Complimentary Consultation

Getting started may seem intimidating or daunting – but we are here to help clear the path! We like to take the time to sit down with you to go over the home buying process so you can get started in the right direction.

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Step #2 : Searching and Viewing Homes

Once we are on the same page, it’s time to start searching for a home!

Quick Note: If you’re planning on utilizing Mortgage financing, a pre-approval letter will be needed prior to viewing homes.

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Step #3 : Writing an Offer

Once we have found you the right home, it’s time to write an offer.

We will sit down with you, or set up a call to go over everything.

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Step #4 : Inspections

Once your offer is accepted, it’s time to focus on the initial inspections. Typically, there is a standard Building Inspection with every home purchase. Additional Inspections include Septic Pumping/Inspection, Water Test, Fuel Tank Inspection, Chimney Inspection, and General Heating Systems Inspection.

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Step #5 : The Final Steps

After the initial inspections, there is still about a month before closing on your new home. If you’re utilizing financing, this is the time to complete anything required by the mortgage company. The appraisal typically takes place after the initial building inspection and before the closing. It’s also a good idea to lock down homeowner's insurance during this time as well.

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Step #6 : Closing

The day you’ve been anticipating! A couple of days before the closing date you will need to prepare. This includes touching base with your attorney regarding funds needed to close, changing over utilities, and completing a final walkthrough.

After you have closed on your home, we will still be available to help with any of your Real Estate questions or needs. Our clients are part of our Catamount Realty Group community and family!

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