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Karate Dojo In St. Albans Provides Space To Grow!

Monday night I had the pleasure of interviewing Master Rucki, a black belt, and the owner of R Family Dojo in Saint Albans, Vermont.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, kids aged 5 to 18 and adults of all ages come together for one reason: to better themselves. Its not only about self-defense, its about patience, respect, and camaraderie.

As Mr. Reilly, another black belt, tells us in the video below, this Sensei is not macho. As a result she can show even people of small stature how to disarm larger individuals.

Watch the video

The classes in Saint Albans start with a review period where everyone warms up by jumping rope or working on their Kata. Master Rucki is there to answer questions, or students can ask a fellow student with a higher belt for assistance. Then Master Rucki or a student leads the class in stretching exercises. After that the class varies from day to day, it could be sparing, a game, kata, etc. This keeps students on their toes.

Fellow black belts

Master Rucki, Mr. Reilly, and fellow black belts

Students in black belt ceremony

Students participating in Mr. Reilly’s black belt ceremony

Each student gets their own blog on the website to track progress and document successes. In other words, it is a visual diary of their time spent at the dojo.

For more information about R Family Dojo, located at 268 S Main St, St Albans City, VT 05478, check out their website below:

R Family Dojo in Saint Albans

Or you can check out the R Family Dojo facebook page.

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