Tips for Preparing to List

Tips for Home Seller's

Getting ready to sell your house can initially seem intimidating and stressful. At Catamount Realty Group, we believe in guiding our clients from start to finish. Although optional, there are many things you can do to prepare your home for Listing.





What is it? A Pre-Inspection is an inspection of the home to give consumers a general idea of the current condition. Most buyers want to perform home inspections according to the contract. Instead of the buyer ordering the home inspection after the contract is executed, the seller orders it.

How is it Beneficial?


Radon Testing:

What is Radon? According to the world health organization: “radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has been classified as a human carcinogen and can lead to an increased risk of lung cancer.” Us EPA has set an action level of 4 pci/l. 

How is it Beneficial?


Additional Testing/Inspections

Private Septic and Well:

Why should this be considered? Upon entering into a purchase and sale agreement with a buyer, if you have private septic and well, the buyer will want those items inspected. A water test is typically a contingency paid for by the purchaser, as required by mortgage companies, while the septic pumping and inspection are usually asked to be paid by the seller. Once again, if anything of concern is found, the buyer might ask the seller to pay for a professional to fix, or they might terminate the contract. Since this is a condition that will be asked for anyways, it’s beneficial to have this taken care of ahead of time. If anything of concern is discovered, you can handle it on your own terms and by a professional of your choosing.

*Remember: ask your technician to provide a detailed invoice and keep your receipts! Once again, providing receipts to a buyer can eliminate a contingency on the contract.*


Heating Systems:

Why should this be considered? Upon entering into a Purchase and Sales Contract with a buyer, this might be a contingency. If it hasn’t been performed within the last 6 months: have your heating system cleaned and inspected by a qualified heating technician. The heating technician can give the system a clean bill of health or identify potential problems that can be repaired prior to a buyer coming in. All heating systems should be checked including:


Pellet and Wood Stoves,


Gas or Woodburning Fireplace(s),


Heat Pumps or Electric Heat.

It is also recommended to have the chimneys inspected as well since they are prone to wear over time.