Colchester Vermont Real Estate

Located just to the north of Burlington, Colchester is a town of about 17,000 people that offers a comfortable, scenic place to live.

Colchester is home to many area attractions, Bayside Park along the coastline of Lake Champlain and the nostalgic Sunset Drive-In Theatre. With its proximity to the lake and mountains it is a great choice for those who love to get outdoors.

The Town of Colchester

The town of Colchester is a relaxing place to live, and places a strong emphasis on comfort, privacy, and outdoorsmanship.In addition to quite a few miles of coastline along Lake Champlain, Colchester also hosts the quieter waters of Malletts Bay and, for those who prefer to stay on land, the beautiful Niquette Bay State Park. The Lone Pine campsites are another popular location for residents and visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Colchester Vermont real estate is broadly similar to the rest of the region, but is more welcoming to individuals with a few (admittedly small) properties that can go for under $100,000. Otherwise, family homes tend to start in the high $200's, and a few condominium residences are available at similar rates.

Colchester Vermont real estate contains a good mix of property types with house or condos ranging between $217 and $412 with a median value of $282 thousand.

For families looking to make Colchester their new home, the town has it’s own school district.  The Colchester School District includes early education, multiple elementary school options and Colchester middle and high school.

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